Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once upon a plan...

So I had a plan once. Well several plans. Want to hear them? Of course you do.

My plan was to graduate a year early. Move to Utah and live with Megan and Ben and go to Paul Mitchel Cosmatology school. I would get a job and save money for a car. That was my plan from 6/08-2/09. Well appearently everyone knew this except my mom.

My next plan was to stay at home. Do another year in school even though I already had all my credits and could graduate if only I could pass my math exam. I was going to make it a "fun" senior year. I was thinking I would go to either Wasilla High with all my church friends or go to Colony High for the awesome theatre program. I wasnt sure yet. But appearently my mom was. She voted no to the public school part.

My plan after that was back to plan one, well kinda. And this is how that happend.
Mom got an email from GWU (George Wythe University) saying that for freshman in the Fall 2009 year they were doing a discount year for only $2,000. So off to Utah for college at GWU! I was not to thrilled about going to GWU because I really don't prefer their methods of teaching. But to get out of the house and kinda be on my own (still be living with family, ie Megan and Ben) I would do it. So I bought my plane ticket, trying to get out of Alaska asap. $250, not bad the rate tickets are going. The conditions of me coming down were as follows. I had to get a job throughout the summer. Had to get my GED. Take the ACT tests. And yeah that was it. Simple right? Wrong! As with mom there is always more to it than planned.

Mom called me a lot when I first got down to UT. She called and kept asking if I had gotten a job yet. Over and over again. It got to the point when I was like do I really want to answer my phone? The first week I was here I helped Ben move. Megan is pregnant so she couldnt help to much. The second week I don't even remember what we did. And so on. I went and got a Utah Cricket phone. The phone was $130 (it is the most awesome phone ever!) and only $35 a month unlimited long distance and texting. An awesome deal id I don't say so myself. I visted Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Looked for jobs and put in aplications. But never got calls back. I was enjoying my time with my family I hadnt seen in forever.

And yet as things happen, another plan did appear.
I really didnt want to go to GWU, like really didnt. So I talked to mom about it. Actually she was the one who told Megan that she didnt think I would like GWU and to find another plan. So thats what I did. Well sorta kinda. I wanted to go to UVU, Utah Valley University. It was exspensive but thats what I wanted. I was going to get very involved with theatre, they have a great program. Well like the other plans this one didnt last long. No, mom called and said that dad felt strongly about me having to go to GWU or come home. Back to GWU.

Back to plan three aka plan one with improvises.
Mom called and was "thinking" that maybe I should get student housing. Or an apartment with someone. My school was in South Jordan which is almost an hour from Megan's. I was offered a job at a Gymnastics place where my aunt Amanda works. She said they are looking for someone to teach level one. Easy simple. But I wouldnt start unill the school year. So I had a job. There was also a new resteraunt opening a couple blocks away from the gym that was hiring. I was like yes! Two jobs I can count on for the school year. My class schedual was pretty simple. It was three nights a week from 6-9. So I had all day to work. The jobs were in Lehi. Which is a good 20 minutes away from Megan's. So mom suggested I get a place in Lehi. That way I'm closer to school and away from so thought drama. But at last the plan did not last.

Mom called saying she and dad thought I should come home. I called and talked to dad about it. I said fine, I would come home to Alaska but I wanted to be able to sign up for classes at UAA and get a dorm or apartment before I got home. He said that was fine, I could live in Anchorage for all he cared. They had a car I could use and they could better finance me if I was in the state. I could get back involved with the theatre in Eagle River or at UAA. I would figure that out later. Well I got the infor and everything with UAA. And I got online to apply. Well I missed the deadline for Fall semester by like five days. So I couldnt go into the school degree seeking therfore I couldnt get a dorm. Well fine I would just do non-degree seeking and get an apartment untill the Spring. I applyed for degree seeking for Spring semester. All worked out. I was looking at theatre at UAA and apartments online with Samantha. I was thinking of where I could get a job at and thinking of money. I had it mostly worked out. Or so I though.

Plan who knows.
Mom called once again and asked if I would look at this online school. I was like why? But I did it and said I would call her back. Well she called me later and said that she thought I would like to do that school another year. So basicaly stay in HS another year and be at home. I said no. I already had a plan. Well then she started saying that she didnt think I was ready for college and to be out on my own. I am only 17 and so I have to do all she says. We got into a kinda argument about it. And then she said nope, your gonna stay home another year. I think all this is because she wants me home to babysit and run kids around everwhere. So so far this is where I am. Stuck in Utah doomed to go home and babysit another year. Lord be with my till I turn 18.

The thing I hate most about all this is that everytime a plan changes I get way upset (just ask Megan) but then I find ways to be happy and get very excited with the new plan. Then it changes again and I go through it again. I like to know what I'm doing, I've got a plan. But yet I don't. It just frustrates me.... And I know I'm not the only one in life. But right now I'd like what I want.

MY new plan.
I'm going to go home. To Alaska. Live at home. But I'm going to have my own room. I'm going to be so very actively involved with theatre I'll hardly have a night free. I'm going to go to singles ward. I'm going to take classes at UAA. I'm going to work at the fair again this year. Then get a job somewhere, maybe Joanns, somewhere not fastfood. And I think thats it. At least for now. And you can pretty much bet there will be a new plan. Of course there will.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I'm here in Utah, been here since May 20th. Yeah it's been awhile haha. I came down here to live with Megan and Ben while I go to George Wythe University. Well dad and mom decided just a couple weeks ago that I have to come home and go to UAA. Well thats fine with me, I hate Utah and love Alaska. But I said I would only go if I could register for classes and get an apartment before I get home. So then I'm not stuck at home babysitting all the time. It's been amazing and fun here. I'm actually gonna miss Utah and my family down here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So Grandpa wanted me to get a blog so he, and everyone else, can keep up with me on my journey, haha.  Anyways it's been a week now since I got to Utah. We've been busy moving Megan and Ben from their old apartment to the new one. Still in Provo though. On Monday we got the last of their stuff (yay!)and cleaned the apartment. Then we had a BBQ at Amanda's house. I can't believe how big her kids are! It seems like just yesterday I was going to Mexico with them....  Yesterday Megan, Thomas and I went to seven peaks for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun! Thomas thought he could swim, it was way cute. Later that night I find that I was sunburned! Wow it's been awhile since that has happened, and it's only on my one shoulder and a little bit on my arm. Megan got sunburned to, worse than I did, and only on one side to....I guess we need to do a little bit better job at covering ourselves with sunscreen. I got a new phone to, and I love it! It's a samsung slide phone. It's got a keyboard! I thought it would be annoying to text with a keyboard but really, it's easy! Now I'm having trouble texting normal..... I can even send and receive pictures, which is why I got this phone, not because of the keyboard.... Thats just a bonus :)  
   I'm now turning my attention on getting a job, then hopefully a car. But first a job. I've applied at a couple of places. I'll let you know if I hear back from any of them. So that's all for now!