Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sargent Everett

Most of you already know I'm dating Shawn. For about three months now I think. Most of you know him as this:This is how I know him.

I finally got him to cut off all that hair and take that stupid ring out.
Another reason for it?
He's going back into the Air Force. It was just the Reserves, but now it's full in. He's going to be gone for two months in Texas for basic.
Then what?
I have no idea. And thats the scary part. But I guess we will wait and see.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life outside of the box

And it's just about time! I called on a craigslist add about a room for rent,
just so happens it was a girl I work with who put the add up.
So now I'm going to live closer to all my singles friends up Fishook!
And the best part is, I get to have a PURPLE room after all!!!
I'm moving in this weekend, can't wait.
I'll post pictures for sure when I can, the sad thing is, my dogs will be
staying at home with mom and dad (haha.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Front Sight

Dad and I went to Front Sight Firearms training institute this last weekend. We got on a plane Wednesday night/Thursday morning to Vegas. We spent the day in Vegas with dad's friends Eric and Kyle. We also stopped by the Las Vegas Temple. Then we headed to Pahrump' Nevada where our hotel was.
First day of Front Sight was pretty fun, we got to learn what it was about. We were there from 7:30-6:30 everyday. From 7:30-8 we did dry practice. Which, mind you, actually works. Makes your shots go better.
Sunday, the third day, we had a night shoot. It. Was. Amazing, There is no other way to describe it. We learned how to use a flashlight, how to hold both the flashlight and the gun and make a good shot. Then the targets just went haywire and even though we killed the guy, he kept coming back! The instructors were going up and down the line yelling at us to shoot them! They were still coming! Kill them or they will kill you! It was intence, there were guns going off all over the place. I shot until I ran out of amo, three mags in I think about three minutes or so. It was so much fun!
We had to do a live simulation, a clearing of a house. We had to decide who to shoot and who was innocent, then save the hostage. It was pretty intence to. I was shaking when I first went in haha. I shot everyone, including the two innocent people, but I did save the hostage. And both my headshots were really good.

We also had a man on man competition. They called two names and we had to shoot against each other, the winner moved on to round two the loser had to reset the targets. I had to shoot agains Jeff Ward. There was no chance for me at all. Lol. He was amazingly fast. I wasnt really slow, but slow enough. I was proud I didnt hit my hostage though. Dad hit the hostage three times haha.
Monday, the last day, came around pretty fast. We had our skills test. That pretty much gave everyone the jitters. Or as our instucter Bill says, the test monkeys. We did the skills test in a dry practice, then we did the actual test. Freaked me out. But then I decided to just have fun with it. I did a lot better then I thought I would, got missed 53 out of 125. I was happy with my scores. In the end everyone passed the class. Only some people actually graduated, and two got high graduation. One of them, I'd like to point out, was Jeff Ward.
Tuesday, today, was full of flying. We stopped by the Bass Pro Shop on our way to the airport. We boarded at noon, then went to Salt Lake, where the plane was late, then to Seattle, where we had to run to our next flight, but didnt make it. We had ten minutes to get there and we had to take two trams to get to the gate. So we had to wait another hour. Which was depressing because both dad and I just wanted to get home.
But now we are home, tomorrow both dad and I have to go back to work. But watch out world, I can now shoot someone from the holster in 1.5 seconds! (Well thats what they say lol)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Been awhile.

So yeah it's been awhile since I had a real post. I've been so busy with life that I havnt taken the time to sit down and write something. I've been working at Home Depot. I love it. Except its kinda like being in High School, no make that Middle School all over again. There are so many rumors and gossip that goes through that place. It's insane. If you say one thing to one person, chances are by the end of the day, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will know about it. It's kinda like you don't have a personal life. Even if you don't say something to anyone, some how everyone finds out. Or worse, it turns into a full out lie of a rumor. One of the guys I work with, Dante, asked me out. The next day people were coming up to me asking if I was dating Dante. I'm like, um no. It's just a date thanks. Another thing. I work with Shawn. As some of you know he was my "friend." Now ex. Yeah, there was and still is mind you, lots of gossip about us going around. It's almost depressing to go to work. Everyone knows you. And not because youve talked to them. No, because you're the girl everyone is talking about.
I hate it.
But life goes on. And you can't let the simple things bother you. I'm going over to the college tomorrow to sign up for the compass test and hopefully classes. I also want to find some one who does horse lessons.
Goals for the rest of the year:
-Move into Apartment.
-Get own car.
-Pay off speeding ticket (A given)
-Go to Temple at least once a month.
-Take Compass/ACT's.
Goals for Spring time:
-Take automotive class.
-Take Vet class.
-Volunteer at the animal shelter.
-Learn guitar
Long Term Goals:
-Get married in the Temple (Yes, it is on the list)Bold
-Become a Vet
-Open a dog rescue

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crash 10/19/10

So I got a phone call while I was in town today around 3:45. Andrew rolled the suburban. Yup. He had Katie and Ryan in the car with him. Thank goodness they all were wearing seatbelts. I'm pretty sure someone would have died if they hadnt been. Everyone is shook up, including dad, mom and I, but everyone is ok. Here are some pictures of the car. Poor thing, and we just got it fixed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blonde Again.

So I'm back to being a blonde. They have more fun anyways. Right?

Other news?
I finally landed myself a job. After all those interviews. I'll be working at Home Depot.
As a Cashier.
It's only part time though. Hopefully I will work my way up to full time.
And if not, well I guess I'll have to find another job to go along with it.
PFD's are coming.
And with them I am moving out!
I hope.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I was doing so good at keeping up with blogging. But now that I'm back to Alaska I don't have the time I used to have. It's filled up with familym, friends and the occasional job. An update.
I was working at the State Fair again. That was ok. I sold parking tickets for the third year in a row. They pretty much love me there. I worked every day, most of them from opening till close. I only got to walk around twice, but even then I didn't really get to look at the things I wanted to. I was given free tickets to ride the Ejection Seat. Yeah that huge bungee thing. Tiffany, one of the girls I work with, and I were going to ride it the last day. I was super excited. But really nervous. As soon as we walked up to it though, I was like, no freaking way! I totally chickened out. I mean have you been sitting at the bottom of that thing?? Its crazy scary. So Tiffany called her boyfriend and they stood in line for two hours. It was fun watching them :)
I also took over my friend's paper route. She went out of town for a couple months but wanted to keep her job for when she got back. So I've been doing it. Well until now. Now her brother is taking it over. It's a long story. But that has been an interesting exsperience.

Now I'm hoping to get a job at Home Depot. I have a few people I know who are managers there and they are putting in a good word for me. I've talked to the hiring person a couple times on the phone, hopefully I will get a job. If not, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.. Start a babysitting buisness??

I've got an 88 Honda Civic that my friends dad is giving to me. It needs some work. But it is a nice enough car. My friend Shawn works on cars and he offered to help me with whatever I need. So I'm gonna attempt to clean it up and get it working. One thing though, it's a stick shift.... Well It's about time I learned to use one.

Lastly. I am moving out!! Yay!..... At some point in time...

And last but not least. I love being in Alaska! Look at this sunset! It was even better in person.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So it's been a long time since I last posted. Nothing really to post about. I'm back in the AK.

Love being home. Seeing my friends and family. I'm staying at home. That was only supposed to be a temporary thing. But now it feels like I'll be here forever.

The plan was to come home, sign up for some classes at UAA, get a job, live at home for a month or so till I has the money to get a place, then move out. But it's not going the way I planned. Surprise, surprise.

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut and can't get out.

While I was in Utah, I had a steady job, yes it was not ideal, but it payed the bills. I was able to be self suffcient for the most part. I was able to pay my own bills and live my own life. Now being at home I feel like I've lost that freedom. I'm back to square one.

I've really been trying to be positive about the whole thing. It takes patience. Something I seem to be lacking lately. I'm trying though.

I've taken over my friend's paper rout for a couple months until she gets back from vacation. So I'll have that income. I'm also working at the fair again. So little odd jobs here and there. And soon, I'll have my freedom back.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


That has become my new nickname.
Givin to me by my oh so wonderful friends. They say I'm always limping over something. And you know what? They are right. I don't think even a week has gone by this summer that I havn't been limping. I've hurt both my ankles several time. Hurt my big toe and now it's my knee.
Dog gone it!
On Monday for FHE I planned a water balloon fight. I was running up the stairs to my apartment and "tripped" and landed on my left knee. It started bleeding and hurt like nothing other. Then Tuesday I went water tubeing down the Provo River. It got a little rough and I tipped over and hit my knee again on a bunch of rocks.
I couldn't move my leg.
No joke.
And now here I am. Sitting on the couch because I still can't hardly move.
I use crutches. And boy let me tell you, they pretty much suck!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Silly Faces

Lily, Gabby and I are passing time playing on the webcam. We are waiting for the Loves so we can go camping for the Fourth.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I finally got the guts to die my hair red. HUGE change for me. But I think I love it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The big one eight

I'm finally 18. But it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal as it seemed last year. Or the year before. I'm already moved out. On my own. For the most part. Isn't that the best thing about turning 18? Anyways. My birthday was pretty great! I went out to lunch with my Grandma, aunt Drew, cousins Alyssa and Whitney. Then I went to Bridal Veil Falls with my family. The McKimmeys, Loves and Toria. It was a lot of fun!! We hiked the waterful and then decided to try for the top of the fall. Then we went back to Beckys and had a BBQ and games. Soccer is the new favorite :) I think the best part was my cake. Ben made me a Jeep cake! It was AMAZING!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you play the guitar?

Do you play the guitar? Thats a question I'm used to hearing when people come into my apartment and see my guitar sitting in the corner. Sadly, no, I don't play the guitar. It's actually just a decoration to make guys think I'm cooler than I am...

Just kidding.ish.

There was a time when I was very excited to learn how to play the guitar. So excited that thats what I got for my 16th birthday. I looked in all kinds of store looking for my perfect guitar. You don't really just pick one, it kinda picks you. It speaks to you. Thats how you know its the perfect one for you. I finally found one. Leonora. Yep. She has a name.
Since then I've probably taken two months of lessons before I had to quit. I've decided I'm going to at least try and make some noise everyday. Try and retain all that I do know. And maybe one day I'll take some more lessons. Untill then, I'll keep pretending to be a rockstar!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm house sitting for Amanda and Brady while they are in California looking for a house. Well the first night was a little creepy. So lastnight Lily came over to stay with me. We went to the redbox and got Dear John and Bandslam. Dear John was awful! It made both Lily and I cry. Bandslam was good and happy for a second movie. Well today we've been having a slow lazy day. We're waiting for 3pm to come around so we can go meet everyone for Camping!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Date

Now that I think of that. I think a show called 'American Date' would be hilareous! Anyways. I went on a date tonight. A double date. It was actually really fun! We went to Tralfaga and played mini golf and other random things. Then he, Brian, tried to kiss me. KISS me! I was like, WTH!? This was a first date, and he doesn't live in Utah either, I was doing a favor for a friend. Well after the date we came back to my place and watched the rest of American Idol. Which was AMAZING!! I loved every bit of it! I'm sad Simon is leaving :(

101 Things to be grateful about.

My home teachers came over and challenged me to right down 101 things that I'm grateful for. So that is what I'm doing :)

1. Home teachers ;)
2. Parents
3. New sister
4. Bestfriends
5. Home
6. Cookies
7.Cut off jeans
8. Beds
9. Guy friends
10. Socks!
11. Snow in May
12. Coats to wear when there is snow in May :)
13. Cell Phones!!
14. Chocolate
15. Co Workers
16. iPods
17. Happy Roomie
18. Oatmeal with syrup on it because we're out of brown sugar!! Haha

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Days go by

I miss my friends. So much. I wish I was in Alaska right now. I go through stages of liking Utah and being fine being down here. But then there are times when I just want to be home. I think everyone has those stages. It has been exspecially hard these last few weeks. With Bert dieing to my bestfriend having open heart surgery, I wish I could be there for support and confort. One of my good friends called me tonight, she was having a really hard time with her boyfriend. I wish I could be there for a shoulder to cry one. My bestfriend Ethan just found out that he has a hole in his heart, a birth defect. He has to have open heart surgery next month. My mom just had another baby. My 9th sibling, fourth sister. I probably wont get to see her until Christmas. Well I'm just venting. It's actually not so bad down here...ish.

Friday, May 21, 2010


As some of you know, my friend Bert from Alaska hung herself last week. We don't know why she did it. Just rumors it was because of a boyfriend leaving her. I think one of the hardest things for me is because I don't understand. She was such a happy person. She had the strongest testimony of the church that I knew. She was an amazing person, someone who stood up for what she believed. She was an example to all who knew her.
Her funeral was today. I really wish I could have been there. One of my friends called me after it was over and was crying. She said there was a lot of people. They had to open the over flow in the chapel and put more seats up in the gym. She said our old Bishop, Bishop Hobbs, got up and talked. Bishop Hobbs is the most wonderful soft spoken kind compassionate and understanding person I know. He is always ready to listen and has a smile ready whenever you see him. He and Bert had a special bond. Bert was a convert and Bishop Hobbs was the Bishop when she joined the church.
His talk seemed to touch every one's heart in that room today. The spirt was so strong and you could really feel its presence. Bert will be greatly missed. But I know that I will see her again someday.
Although unheard I'd like to thank you
For always being there
Even when you were bedridden
You always seemed to care.
You meant so much to all of us
You were a special friend and thats no lie
You brightend up the darkest day
And even the greyest sky.
Many tears I have seen and cried
They have all poured out like rain
I know that you are happy now
Couse you're no longer in pain.
For years on I'll remember you
And what you used to say
You made each of us smile
And live to the fullest every day.
I was not ready to say goodbye
I miss you so much it makes me cry
The times we laughed will not be forgotten
The mistakes we made will be pardoned.
Our friendship is forever
Until death, did we part
Although you're away physicaly
You'll always be in my heart.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the Family!

Liberty Grace Smith
(AKA Libby)
6lbs. 14oz. 19.5"
May 14th 9:40am

Isn't she just the cutest? Yes, lots and lots of dark hair.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Two: All Things Disney!

Day two was just as great as day one! We woke up and got out of the room a lot faster than yesterday. We were actually on the road before D-Land opened. We parked in Donald Duck lot. Just in case anyone was wondering =D I feel like there were a lot more people than there were yesterday. But the lines still were not that bad. And it still hasn't gotten unbearably hot...yet.. It was sunny enough that I think most of us g0t a little red. Favorite moment of the day? Probably when Lily, me, Kyle, Ray, Kaden, Gabby, Becky and Ben went on Space Mountain. Lily and I rode together behind everyone else. Then there were four people behind us. We were about to start our journey when the lady directing the ride asked Lily and I to get off. We both thought that Becky, Ray or Ben had seen us get off. They made us get on another thing. Never had that happend to us before. Well we got on and had a fun ride! Space Mountain is always great! When we got out and went to find everyone, we found Becky all paniced. They thought we had fallen off the ride or something. Because we had just talked to her right before we were asked to get out. And I guess they did'nt see us get out. So we were there and then we wern't. Well here are a few pictures.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally Disneyland!

We finally got to D-Land yesterday. Or I guess we actually only got to our hotel. But we went swimming, it was nice and warm. Today we woke up and went pretty much straight to the park. After getting a little lost looking for parking, wups. It was a blast! The lines were short and the weather was perfect, not to hot and not to cold! Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guess who got a letter!?

FINALLY! I have recieved a letter. Actually not just one. I got THREE!!! Yay me! One is from my brother, one is from Elder Watson and then the other is from my school (Not to much excitment there) But THREE letters all the same!