Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sargent Everett

Most of you already know I'm dating Shawn. For about three months now I think. Most of you know him as this:This is how I know him.

I finally got him to cut off all that hair and take that stupid ring out.
Another reason for it?
He's going back into the Air Force. It was just the Reserves, but now it's full in. He's going to be gone for two months in Texas for basic.
Then what?
I have no idea. And thats the scary part. But I guess we will wait and see.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life outside of the box

And it's just about time! I called on a craigslist add about a room for rent,
just so happens it was a girl I work with who put the add up.
So now I'm going to live closer to all my singles friends up Fishook!
And the best part is, I get to have a PURPLE room after all!!!
I'm moving in this weekend, can't wait.
I'll post pictures for sure when I can, the sad thing is, my dogs will be
staying at home with mom and dad (haha.)