Thursday, May 28, 2009


So Grandpa wanted me to get a blog so he, and everyone else, can keep up with me on my journey, haha.  Anyways it's been a week now since I got to Utah. We've been busy moving Megan and Ben from their old apartment to the new one. Still in Provo though. On Monday we got the last of their stuff (yay!)and cleaned the apartment. Then we had a BBQ at Amanda's house. I can't believe how big her kids are! It seems like just yesterday I was going to Mexico with them....  Yesterday Megan, Thomas and I went to seven peaks for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun! Thomas thought he could swim, it was way cute. Later that night I find that I was sunburned! Wow it's been awhile since that has happened, and it's only on my one shoulder and a little bit on my arm. Megan got sunburned to, worse than I did, and only on one side to....I guess we need to do a little bit better job at covering ourselves with sunscreen. I got a new phone to, and I love it! It's a samsung slide phone. It's got a keyboard! I thought it would be annoying to text with a keyboard but really, it's easy! Now I'm having trouble texting normal..... I can even send and receive pictures, which is why I got this phone, not because of the keyboard.... Thats just a bonus :)  
   I'm now turning my attention on getting a job, then hopefully a car. But first a job. I've applied at a couple of places. I'll let you know if I hear back from any of them. So that's all for now!