Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh what do you do when it's 90' degrees..?

It's almost that time! Yay!

What time you ask?

Texas time!

I'm heading down to San Antonio Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Shawn graduates basic on Thursday. So we get to go down for it!

We're going early so we can spend some time in Texas, since none of us have been there before. We're going to Seaworld on Wednesday. Thursday we're going on Base to hang out with Shawn. Friday is his graduation, then we're doing the River Walk.

Saturday we only get the morning with him before we have to drive back to Houston for our flight. But hey, two days is better than none.

But anyways, I'm getting excited. Only a few more days. I've already started packing :)

Went to the store yesterday with my sisters, got some clothes and hopefully all I will need while I'm down there. It's almost all packed up to haha.

Anyways, other than that.

Easter was good. I've been house sitting this last weekend, so I came home to the family for a little bit, then went to Shawn's house for dinner with his family. The grandparents came out. Dinner was good. Got a phone call from Shawny. That made me day.

Work has been ok. After three months of closing, I'm finally getting earlier shifts. I was actually there at 8am one morning. Hopeing to get more shifts like that.

Looked at an apartment with my friend Malinda yesterday. It was way cute! I hope we get it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time Flys When Your Busy.

I can't believe April is already half way over!

It's like it just started. Only two weeks till I fly down to Texas for Shawn's graduation!

And then only six more months till he comes home!

Can't wait!

Nothing new is really going on.

Found someone to take over my route for me. Yay!

Sporting a new hair style and color, tried to go back to my natural, but it went darker.

And no, I didn't do it myself this time. I paid big money to have it done.

Koda Bear is getting big. Slowly. Lol.

He is filling out and then going to start growing I think.

He's a cutie like always.