Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Front Sight

Dad and I went to Front Sight Firearms training institute this last weekend. We got on a plane Wednesday night/Thursday morning to Vegas. We spent the day in Vegas with dad's friends Eric and Kyle. We also stopped by the Las Vegas Temple. Then we headed to Pahrump' Nevada where our hotel was.
First day of Front Sight was pretty fun, we got to learn what it was about. We were there from 7:30-6:30 everyday. From 7:30-8 we did dry practice. Which, mind you, actually works. Makes your shots go better.
Sunday, the third day, we had a night shoot. It. Was. Amazing, There is no other way to describe it. We learned how to use a flashlight, how to hold both the flashlight and the gun and make a good shot. Then the targets just went haywire and even though we killed the guy, he kept coming back! The instructors were going up and down the line yelling at us to shoot them! They were still coming! Kill them or they will kill you! It was intence, there were guns going off all over the place. I shot until I ran out of amo, three mags in I think about three minutes or so. It was so much fun!
We had to do a live simulation, a clearing of a house. We had to decide who to shoot and who was innocent, then save the hostage. It was pretty intence to. I was shaking when I first went in haha. I shot everyone, including the two innocent people, but I did save the hostage. And both my headshots were really good.

We also had a man on man competition. They called two names and we had to shoot against each other, the winner moved on to round two the loser had to reset the targets. I had to shoot agains Jeff Ward. There was no chance for me at all. Lol. He was amazingly fast. I wasnt really slow, but slow enough. I was proud I didnt hit my hostage though. Dad hit the hostage three times haha.
Monday, the last day, came around pretty fast. We had our skills test. That pretty much gave everyone the jitters. Or as our instucter Bill says, the test monkeys. We did the skills test in a dry practice, then we did the actual test. Freaked me out. But then I decided to just have fun with it. I did a lot better then I thought I would, got missed 53 out of 125. I was happy with my scores. In the end everyone passed the class. Only some people actually graduated, and two got high graduation. One of them, I'd like to point out, was Jeff Ward.
Tuesday, today, was full of flying. We stopped by the Bass Pro Shop on our way to the airport. We boarded at noon, then went to Salt Lake, where the plane was late, then to Seattle, where we had to run to our next flight, but didnt make it. We had ten minutes to get there and we had to take two trams to get to the gate. So we had to wait another hour. Which was depressing because both dad and I just wanted to get home.
But now we are home, tomorrow both dad and I have to go back to work. But watch out world, I can now shoot someone from the holster in 1.5 seconds! (Well thats what they say lol)