Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Contemplating Life..and then some.

I've been so stressed trying to figure out what my purpose in life is. What should I do? When should I do it? How should I do it?
I guess no one really ever knows what it is they want. People are way older than me and still don't know. They tell me that's OK. Try lots of things. You've got your whole life to figure it out. But what if I want to know now?
I know. I need to be patient. Something I'm not very good at.
I was sitting here thinking while my pizza is in the oven. I've got a lot to be grateful for.
I've got an amazing family who loves me and is there whenever I need them. Just last night I had a blessing from my dad and Brother Hobbs, their Home Teacher.
I have wonderful aunts and uncles, who as well love me and care for me. I spent a much needed hour on the phone yesterday with Megan. Getting updated on the goings on down there.
Cousins who just look up to me. I talked to Thomas on the phone yesterday, Megan's baby. I actually cried. I miss that kid so much. I guess you get attached when you spend eight months with him. I think about the Mckimmey girls all the time as well.
A boyfriend who loves me no matter what I do. I got my wisdom teeth out last week. He was my driver. I guess I wasn't very nice to him. Cussed him out several times, told him I hated him, and flipped him off. I ended up passing out on the way home. He brought me inside, tucked me in and checked up on me throughout the night.
Friends who I can lean on when I need to lean away from the family. They remind me in my most stressed out days how to have fun and enjoy life while I can.
I've got a car that while is a beater and falling apart on me, still runs.
A home that works for me.
And a job that I semi enjoy. Home Depot has been great. It has good benifits and is a monthly income.
So for now, I think I'll just enjoy life and see where it takes me. Who knows, maybe I'll become an astronaut. Or maybe a sniper in the military. But until then. I'm happy being me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Security Forces

Shawn has finally gotten everything done that needed to be done with the Air Force. He's offically in!! He got sworn in on Friday, that was a neat exsperience! It really made me think though, this is really happening. He's leaving March 8th. A lot sooner than he thought. It's now starting to catch up to him. He's so stressed out about all he has to do in only a month. He wont be coming home until August 22nd. He's missing my birthday :( Oh well, the reason is good enough. Oh yeah, he's joining the Air Force Security Forces. Yes, a cop. It's rather funny to, counting how many tickets the kid has. Anyways, so I'm just going to be here working, waiting for him to get back. Ok, that sounds like I'm pathetic.....Ok maybe I am a little bit.. I'll find something to keep me occupied till he gets home!