Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Newest Addition

Meet Faustus.

Or Fause.

He's our newest addition to the family.

Crazy I know. But his dad was going to put him down and I couldnt let that happen.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy me.

It's my Birthday tomorrow.
Time has flown. Feels like it was just my 16th.

Now It's my 19th.

Everyone asks what I want.

To tell you the truth, all I want is for Shawn to be here.

I wish I could make my wish that he would be home and he would be.

To bad it doesnt work like that.

I miss my boyfriend.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My plans keep changing.

Or maybe I keep changing my plans. One way or another, nothing is the same day by day.

I've pushed all my friends away. I've pushed Shawn away as well.

My logic in that?

When your alone no one can disapoint or leave you.


Yeah, stupid I know.

I've been so down lately and lonely and it seems like everyone elses lives are better off without me. I'm like the black cloud that just wont go away.

But I'm trying to fix that. Sometimes things just look low. But you've got to find the silver lining and see what you have, not what you want.

I'm working on that.

I've decided to stay in Alaska. At least for a couple years. Until the baby is older.

I'm going to go to cosmetology school. My goal is Trendsetters. But maybe one of the others if they don't offer part time. I'm moving to Anchorage, maybe this Summer, is something good apartment wise ever shows up.

Well now you've heard it. The new plan. Now we'll see how long this will last.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Day Down.


Thats kind of how I feel.

a little Blah.

Just thinking of life and how I'm going to do this sorta sucks!

Looked more into Vet school and it's going to cost $25,000 every year for four years!

Thats crazy exspensive!!

Also, I put together a list of everything I need before the baby gets here in October.

1) New car. Or fix the subie. Preferably get my own car though.

2) Get my own apartment. This one is important to me. I don't mind having a roommate. But I would like the place to be formost mine to begin with.

3) New job. Or another job. Or a better position. Or just more money.

4) Figure out school. And what I want to do with life.

Now I just need to work on acomplishing these goals.

You can say it now, good luck Kimber.