Monday, October 25, 2010

Been awhile.

So yeah it's been awhile since I had a real post. I've been so busy with life that I havnt taken the time to sit down and write something. I've been working at Home Depot. I love it. Except its kinda like being in High School, no make that Middle School all over again. There are so many rumors and gossip that goes through that place. It's insane. If you say one thing to one person, chances are by the end of the day, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will know about it. It's kinda like you don't have a personal life. Even if you don't say something to anyone, some how everyone finds out. Or worse, it turns into a full out lie of a rumor. One of the guys I work with, Dante, asked me out. The next day people were coming up to me asking if I was dating Dante. I'm like, um no. It's just a date thanks. Another thing. I work with Shawn. As some of you know he was my "friend." Now ex. Yeah, there was and still is mind you, lots of gossip about us going around. It's almost depressing to go to work. Everyone knows you. And not because youve talked to them. No, because you're the girl everyone is talking about.
I hate it.
But life goes on. And you can't let the simple things bother you. I'm going over to the college tomorrow to sign up for the compass test and hopefully classes. I also want to find some one who does horse lessons.
Goals for the rest of the year:
-Move into Apartment.
-Get own car.
-Pay off speeding ticket (A given)
-Go to Temple at least once a month.
-Take Compass/ACT's.
Goals for Spring time:
-Take automotive class.
-Take Vet class.
-Volunteer at the animal shelter.
-Learn guitar
Long Term Goals:
-Get married in the Temple (Yes, it is on the list)Bold
-Become a Vet
-Open a dog rescue

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crash 10/19/10

So I got a phone call while I was in town today around 3:45. Andrew rolled the suburban. Yup. He had Katie and Ryan in the car with him. Thank goodness they all were wearing seatbelts. I'm pretty sure someone would have died if they hadnt been. Everyone is shook up, including dad, mom and I, but everyone is ok. Here are some pictures of the car. Poor thing, and we just got it fixed.