Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey and lines

I'm thankful for family and for food today. How awesome is it that there is a dedicated day where we get to eat food and mingle with our family? As much as I missed the rest of my family, thanksgiving was a pretty good day.
I really should have helped. My uncle was in the kitchen most of the day. He made the turkey, the stuffing, the apple pie, then proceeded to make the gravy and potatoes. I was one thing, lazy. I did make a peanut butter chocolate pie, and put the frozen pumpkin pie in the oven, over cooked it to.
We ate around 1:30, it was delicious! All 10 minutes of it! We huddled together in the living room on a fold up table with a queen top sheet for a table cloth, the babies sat in their highchairs over plastic wrap stretched over the carpet. Yeah, not redneck at all ;)
The rest of the day was followed by a nap, and reading over Black Friday ads. Yes, we were going to brave the crazy.

So we left around 7ish, first stop Toys R Us. They opened at 8. The line was clear wrapped around its neighboring store, RC Willey. We stayed in the warm car till almost exactly 8. Then we walked over to the front of the line. Our plan was to go in after the giant line. Until they only let 50 people in at a time! Seriously!? I guess that's why people got there at two in the afternoon!

Needless to say we left. Target next, they open at 9. We get there and they have four cops, caution tape and barricades. An equally impressive line just in a better formation. We get in line. 45 minutes of line waiting, we watched My Fairy Tale Wedding, ten minutes of walking after the doors open and we were in! We were in and out in 30 minutes! And got everything except one thing. I'm impressed. We drove back to Toys R Us, thinking maybe the line was gone, no such luck. I ordered my item online. Back home to bed was next. It was a productive night of spending money. Merry Christmas all!

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